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Oil Spills

From time to time, oil spills occur due to vehicle, vessel or pipeline interference. Oil spills cause a range of problems such as the spread of hazardous gases into the atmosphere, potential damage to land, polluting our seas and more seriously, causing harm or even death to animals. Oil spills can also occur on a large scale, due to refined petroleum or waste oil from large scale industries.

In recent years, oil spills and their effects have become more prolific and are taken very seriously. Blockbusters Environmental have responded by ensuring they have the very best technology, procedures and qualified personnel in place to deal with oil spills immediately. Our main aim is to safeguard the environment from the potential effects of oil spills, but also to ensure that the area around the oil spill is made safe as quickly as possible.

We offer a range of comprehensive oil spill services, such as domestic, industrial and commercial oil spill assessments and remediation work. We also carry out soil and groundwater sampling of oil contaminated sites. This sampling allows us to test whether oil spill residue is not present in the surrounding area long after the oil spill occurs.


Oil spill remediation

At Blockbusters Environmental, we take oil spills very seriously and our OFTEC qualified staff are dedicated to ensuring that any oil spill is contained as quickly as possible. When we receive a request to deal with oil spills, our expert oil spills team will attend site to inspect the area and contain the oil spill using expert techniques and technology.

Our oil spill response involves removing the oil spill surface bi-product using high pressure water pumps and advanced washing liquids. Our expert oil spill remediation teams will continue to clean the area and treat it with X. We will also treat the surrounding areas to mitigate any risk of oil spreading and causing further damage.

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Bilge Oil

Most boats will collect bilge water at some point, which often contains toxic engine oil and other contaminants such as grease, lubricants and even anti-freeze. If bilge water gets contaminated and is released into the environment, it can cause a number of nasty problems. The water becomes odorous and it can also cause harm to the food chain.

Blockbusters Environmental provide specialist services to deal with bilge oil. Our expert oil spills team provide support and advice for boaters and will visit the dock where your boat is located to help you remove any bilge water.

Using modern technology, our bilge oil experts will drain the oily bilge water and transport the hazardous waste to a local waste management plant on your behalf.

We offer value for money for bilge oil removal services and you can be safe in the knowledge that your boat will continue to operate as normal. We will also give you assurance that all bilge oil removal is fully complete and you will be adhering to legal regulations.

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Marine oil spills

Marine oil spills can have a serious impact on the surrounding water and wildlife, particularly when they are not treated quickly and professionally. Following a marine oil spill, sea creatures are exposed to harsh elements and their insulating ability and water repellency is destroyed. Many birds and mammals will die from hypothermia and may end up being poisoned by ingesting the oil.

Blockbusters Environmental have strict environmental policies in place and will always act with the environment at the forefront of every marine oil spill project.

Marine oil spills are taken very seriously and Blockbusters Environmental will act as quickly as possible to provide expert support and advice to contain, clean and remediate marine oil spills.

Our marine oil spill experts will attend the site and use water booms collect the marine oil from the surface and create a safe area for containment. We will then use state of the art jet Vaccum equipment which will effectively skim the water surface and suck the oil into containment tanks on the shore or nearby vessels. Once this has been done, we will carry out an intense cleaning exercise, using biological agents to break down the oil into harmless substances and eventually remove all traces of oil from the water.

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