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Trenchless Technology


Blockbusters Environmental incorporated the use of CIPP Trenchless technology into their operations in 2014. This modern and less intrusive technology is now being offered to all commercial and industrial customers across Northern Ireland, Ireland and the U.K.

It has helped to increase our productivity, cutting down on project timescales and is also much more environmentally friendly. CIPP Trenchless technology is mainly used for drain repair and drain rehabilitation, providing a safe and environmentally friendly means of carrying out work in any ground conditions.

There are a number of different types of CIPP Trenchless technology available:


Trenchless patch repair

Patch repairs are a highly effective form of Trenchless technology as they eradicate the need for costly, time consuming excavation and repair of the whole drainage system. It is a long term solution that has been tried and tested for many years.

Our 'no-dig' advanced patch repair technology is used to reduce the resistance caused by cracks, holes or dislocated joints which have appeared in drains. This allows water to flow normally through the drains and reduces the likelihood of blocked drains.

Using our advanced CCTV camera drain survey, we firstly assess the location and main cause of the damage. Once we know the exact location of the damaged drain, we will carry out a simple small fracture in the drain and insert a packer (bladder). This will then be inflated, forcing the one meter long patch and resin lining to bond and secure itself to the inside of the drain.

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Robotic cutting

Robotic cutting is a revolutionary new concept which helps to cut out lateral connections from small pipes. A uniquely engineered piece of equipment, a robotic cutter makes the process of drilling through pipes much more simple and easy. Robottic cutters are capable of drilling through a large range of materials from PVC through to cast iron pipes and obstructions such as tree roots, rock, gravel and even small amounts of concrete.

To find out more about robotic cutting techniques and services, get in touch with us.


Manhole rehabilitation

With manholes across Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK become increasingly in need of repair, manhole rehabilitation has become a lot more commonplace. CIPP technology has revolutionised the way we, as drainage specialists approach manhole rehabilitation.

The new technology is a proven long-term solution for manhole repair and is much safer since it can be installed without the need for confined space entry. It has helped to significantly decrease overall costs of manhole rehabilitation, whilst preserving the condition of the grounds around the manhole.

Firstly, our specialist engineers will carry out a manhole inspection to assess the condition of the manhole. The team will then prepare the manhole using high pressure water pumps for cleaning drains and cured-in-place (CIPP) liners will be then be installed.

Once the work is complete, our expert manhole rehabilitation teams will carry out quality control and inspection to ensure that the manhole has been repaired and that there is no potential for water infiltration.

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