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Oil Spills


Most properties within Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK are served by domestic heating oil tanks, which normally contain kerosene oil. Sometimes oil spills can occur, where oil leaks from the tank, fittings or valves and even the pipes feeding your property.

At Blockbusters Environmental, we take oil spills very seriously and our highly trained staff are dedicated to ensuring that any oil spill is contained as quickly as possible. When we receive a request to deal with domestic oil spills, our expert oil spills team will attend your property to inspect the area and contain the oil spill using expert techniques and technology.

All of our operatives are OFTEC qualified and we also have relationships with many of the major household insurance companies, which means that in many cases we can liaise with your insurers to help support you prior to any works taking place.

It is important that you contact us as quickly as possible to tell us about any oil spills. Where oil spills impact underground water for example, it is vital that we act quickly to prevent further contamination.


Tips to help you during unfortunate oil spills:

  • Identify the source of the oil spill. If the oil spill is not coming from your own oil tank, check your surrounding neighbourhood.
  • If possible and safe to do so, try to stop the flow of oil. If the oil spill has occurred on the ground, try to absorb the oil spill to prevent oil spreading to neighbouring properties
  • Call Blockbusters Environmental for an immediate response from our expert oil spills team
  • Notify your insurer and check whether your household insurance covers any damage to your property
  • Take note of any lost fuel
  • If the oil spill has affected your home or your water supply, contact your local environmental health officer

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