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High Pressure Water Jetting


In addition to drain unblocking, drain clearance and drain cleaning, high pressure water pumps can also be used to solve other issues. Find out more about our high pressure water jetting services here:

Root cutting

Inevitably over time, debris may form within drains and roots will start to grow. If this happens, it is vital that they are removed quickly in order to restore proper functioning of the drains. Blockbusters Environmental carry out root cutting using a number of different jetting heads, catering for small to major roots.

If the roots are cut and no further root cutting treatment is carried out, this may cause significant regrowth which could in fact result in joints cracking and opening up.

To prevent this further damage, we carry out drain relining, where resin is inserted into the pipes to protect them. Drain relining is one of the most common forms of preventing root regrowth as it is more economical. Drain relining also helps to avoid disruption caused by excavating and renewing drain layouts.

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Concrete and cement wash removal

Blockbusters Environmental provide a simple and cost effective method for concrete and cement wash removal from drains. Using the process of drain jetting, high pressure water can be pumped through the drain and will cut through large volumes of concrete from the drain. The high pressure water pump is accompanied by a CCTV drain camera which guides our team of experts to find the cement and flush it down the pipe to remedy the blocked drain.

With our concrete and cement wash removal services, you can be guaranteed that your drains will be kept clean and clear from any residual materials for the future.

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